Monday, January 21, 2008

January 21 2008

Well this is gonna be my first blog entry.

OK Well just for those who don´t know. I am on a mission in Salta Aregentina. I have 9 months left untill I return to the USA. I have had 5 areas so far in my mission.

I am now in my 5th area and with my 10th companion. My area is in the captal of the city of Salta and its called Independencia. My comp is named Elder Papenfuss and he is from Utah.

I am doing good. I am always doing good. God blesses me and all of His missionaries.
So Just to get started directly I will tell a little about my last week.

On Sunday, Jan 13 2008: Well we just went to church. We went and picked up some of our investigatores. Their names are Carlos and Alena. They are gonna be baptised in another week. We also are gonna get them married this week. So that will be cool.
After lunch, we went and taught a couple lessons.

On Monday, we had Pday. We went and bolwed and went shopping.. It was alot of fun. We taught a nice couple that night named Flor and Ricardo. They had a lot of questions, and we asnwered most of them.

On Tuesday, we had district meeting. Its boring, nothing special. We just get taught by the District Leader and then we went to lunch and then to work. We knocked some doors and got into a first lesson. In the night, we went to a meeting with the bishop and some of the leaders of the ward, but since we are in Argentina, nobdoy but the Bishop showed up hehe.

Wensday, we went and taught Carlos and family again, We taugh the Plan of Salvation and it went really good! The Bishop stiffed our lunch apointment, so we went home and just made our own. Then this HUGE rain storm came in and totally owned the whole city. So we took refuge in the apartment. And then afterwards, we went around working but nobody was home for our apointments. =( So we just came home all wet and bummed out =(

ON Thursday, we got a reference and went to contact her. Her name is Adriana, She is super cool. We talked for a while, and she had already read the Book of Mormon part, so we just set a baptism date with her. Although she didnt come to church this week, I still think she will continue to progress. We also finally got into our appointment with Alehandro. He is a super cool guy. He was praying super hard a few weeks back that God would help him quit drinking, and then 3 days later, we knocked his door. He came to church this week, and will be baptised soon. Now we just to have to work with his family so that will be baptised too.

On Friday, we had baptism interviews with Pres. We had to go to the Mission Offices, and have them there. Like always, Pres does the interviews super fast. We ran home and taught Carlos and family the 3rd lesson, the gospel of Jesus Christ. After lunch and a lesson with Oscar Ruiz, one of my baptisms from last transfer, we taught a first lesson, and then taught some less active members. That night we went and talked with another person namedAlehandro Ruiz. He is the son of Oscar, my baptism. We talked alot about baptism, and he will be baptised this saturday. =) So thats always cool.

Saturday started out a little slow, because I was sick in the bathroom hehehe. I LOVE ARGENTINA!!! The day was really hard, didnt get alot done because all of our lessons fell through. We live with another companship, and they were having a baptism that night, so we brought Carlos and family along with us. It was super cool, and they loved seeing the baptism, and are excited for their own.

Sunday was a great day. We had 6 investigators in the Church! Carlos and family, Alehandro and Alehandro2. They all stayed for all 3 hours and loved it. I taught Gospel Principles lesson 3, which talks about Jesus Christ being pre-ordained by Godin the PreMortal Life. It went very well. After that, we had lunch, and knocked doors for 4 hours. We got in several times, but didnt have any good lessons. We spent the rest of the night doing contacts in the street.

So Today monday, we went to go get Carlos and his wife to be Alena, married, but Argentina has worse red tape than the States, so we have to wait an another week. =( But thats ok
Well thats about all I wanted to say for this week!!!
I hope everyone is well.
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Elder Kyle Richey

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