Monday, February 18, 2008

16 Months out!

Well its hard to believe so much time has gone by. 16 months ago today I left home. Does that make you trunky?! I had a dream last night that I was at home, at our 507 e treamaine house, but I didnt see you guys there. But I went over to the McCabes and talked to them. I dream about being home almost every night. This week was good. Taught 32 lessons this week.

On Wensday, we were up at 5am and gone at 6am. We have a super good investigator named Alejandro or Ale for short. His 35ish and needs to get divorsed and married and then baptised. So we got up really early and went to the Argentine Judical courts and began processing his divorse. In about 3 weeks, we´ll be baptising him and his family. So cant complian there. We are working so hard. hehe, and I am not just saying that so you think I am a good missionary ( even though you already do). We also finished teachig a little kid named Joaquin ( or Haw-keen). His mom was an inactive member, so we got her coming back and we´ll baptise him on saturday, and maybe another kid too. Today we are just gonna chill and relax.

We have been killing ourselves working so hard. We had transfers, I dunno if I mentioned it last week. I am still here in Salta with Elder Papenfuss. We have a ton of fun together. He is gonna hit one year. So we work well together. Nothing else of note is happening here. Just hangingout, working and baptising! hehe.
Last night, we ripped out a bunch of pictures of Jesus from the Ensigns and made a collage (sp) of pictures on the wall. Its cool, but we havent finsihed yet, so I will send the pic next week.
Hope all is well in the US of A.

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