Monday, March 31, 2008

Its always late...

heheh well by the title I guess you can tell that its late.

I had a good day, just busy. To sum up, today we went into downtown to get a razor charger. We ate lunch with some members and then spent the whole afternoon in the Sisters apartment in my district while a man came over to fix their light. So that was fun.. Then we had to go shopping.. My new apartment is a house, its really nice, large, 3 bathrooms and everthing. But no hot water, no washing machine, no iron, no stove....etc.. We just moved into it 3 weeks ago. So I spent the day getting hot water put in... It will be working this week... I hope.. And the rest... I am still working on it. So step by step it will become a new place to live in.

My week was normal.. Way too much rain. We couldnt work several days because of all the rain.. It wasnt cool. On tuesday, I gave my first district meeting lesson. It went well. I talked on the importance of our work and truely teaching people to repent and not just to be baptised... I would have to prepare a lesson for tomorrow, but we will just be doing new goals for the month of april ( I cant believe it april now). This week I got to know my new area.. For the third time in a row, I dont live in my area, but at least here in Sur, I only live 2 blocks away. My area is small, only about a mile square. But lots of people live here, so it will be ok. My area covers 2 branches, which is weird because usually our areas are the same size as the wards/branches.. But anyways, both branches are very small, only about 20 a piece. I still dont know why they arent just the same branch, because they meet in the same church building, and almost at the same time.. But I am just a missionary.. so whatever. We meet in the church for the first sacrament meeting at 9:30, then the second at 11:30.

Elder Brown is my new companion.. He is from Morgan Utah. He is 19 and just hit 5 months in the mission today ( thats including 2 in the MTC). I like him. But he needs alot of help in his spanish. =) His first comp (his papi) doesnt speak well either, so what could you expect. But we will work hard together. I am sure of it.

This week we will have one baptism. His name is Nate. He is the son of some less active members. Hopefully we can reactvate his family once he is a member. New pictures on my site like always, I am just gonna update the album new from argentina and baptisms. I hope you have a great week.
With all my love,

Monday, March 24, 2008

Back to Tucuman

Well its late monday night. And.... I am back in Tucuman.. My new area is called Sur, which means south. I am in the same zone as I was in when I was in Manantial with Elder Christansen. I am the new district leader too. So... New area, new responsibilties and so on... My new comp is Elder Brown, from Utah. He´s pretty new, only in his 3rd transfer. But thats cool. We will have a good time here. I am happy to be back in Tucuman, but I will miss Salta.

The baptism went good. I did it. We baptised the whole Tula family! I am super happy for that. On saturday I took the whole family out to a all you can eat buffet. They loved it. It was their first time in a buffet. I paid it all ( 43 bucks for 8 people). It was hard saying goodbye to everyone, but I got it all done. Packing wasnt fun, it never is. I live in a apartment of 4 elders. I already am good friends with Elder O´dell. He´s from mesa and he was in my district when I was in LasTenia 4 months ago. He is getting a kid this transfer, so I will be living with 2 really new missionaries.
I also live close to elder baldwin again, so thats cool too. I´m happy.

Well its already getting late. I am super tired. Thats just the mission. Give all we can give, then God does the rest. But I am good. My new house looks nice, but looks like I am back to washing clothes by hand.... =(

P.S. I lost my camera cord, so it´ll be a couple months for new photos.. sorry!


Monday, March 10, 2008

My area in Salta

pic of my area in Salta

Happy 21st Birthday to Me

Well today is March 10 2008. I am now 21 years old. Its amazing how fast time goes by. I sometimes almost wish it didn´t go by so quickly.

Anyways, Today has been good. I got several phone calls and emails from friends, family, members of the church and converts. I already had lunch with a really nice family in my ward. And this afternoon we have dinner planed with another one of my favorite familes.

This week has been good. Normal. We taught 28 lessons, and had 4 people come to church. I wanna talk about a really cool man we are teaching named Lucas. He is like 50 years old and blind. We started just reading the Book of Mormon to him, but now we burned him a cd so he can listen to the scirptures while he is alone. He has so much faith. Its amazing. He will be baptised in a few more weeks.

Alejandro is still doing good, even if we can´t divorse and/or baptise him. He, and his wife-to-be are learning and progressing alot and I can feel such a change in them.
My converts here are doing well, and so am I with my comp. We get along well and all that jazz.

I have 7 months left of my MISSSSSION !!!! Thats crazy. Anyways, thats about it for now
With Love

Monday, March 3, 2008

March 03 08

Well its Monday once again. I am good, and happy. I am still in Salta capital, with my 10th comp Elder Papenfuss. We are in the 4th week of our transfer. This last saturday, the 1st, we had 2 baptisms of two young boys named Carlos and Hawkeen (sp). See picture below. This week was full of lessons, almost 20 of them. And it was a slow week.

We are still working hard with Alehandro and his wife so that they can get married and then baptised. We will hopefully see them baptised soon.

Its also my 21st birthday next Monday, so dont forget to write me =)

It is finally cooling down here in Salta, Its been a nice summer, with lots of rain and not alot of direct sunlight, which is nice when you walk outside 12+ hours a day. Tomorrow is zone conference. We also know who our new mission president will be. His name is Pres May from Orem Utah. So that will be an interesting change, going from a Latino to a gringo president. I am excited for when he comes in July.

From left to right: Elder Papenfuss, Carlos, Hawkeen, Seriho, and me