Monday, March 10, 2008

Happy 21st Birthday to Me

Well today is March 10 2008. I am now 21 years old. Its amazing how fast time goes by. I sometimes almost wish it didn´t go by so quickly.

Anyways, Today has been good. I got several phone calls and emails from friends, family, members of the church and converts. I already had lunch with a really nice family in my ward. And this afternoon we have dinner planed with another one of my favorite familes.

This week has been good. Normal. We taught 28 lessons, and had 4 people come to church. I wanna talk about a really cool man we are teaching named Lucas. He is like 50 years old and blind. We started just reading the Book of Mormon to him, but now we burned him a cd so he can listen to the scirptures while he is alone. He has so much faith. Its amazing. He will be baptised in a few more weeks.

Alejandro is still doing good, even if we can´t divorse and/or baptise him. He, and his wife-to-be are learning and progressing alot and I can feel such a change in them.
My converts here are doing well, and so am I with my comp. We get along well and all that jazz.

I have 7 months left of my MISSSSSION !!!! Thats crazy. Anyways, thats about it for now
With Love

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Maria José said...

Hola Kyle
che no sabia que era tu cumpleaños in fact no debes saber cuando es el mio tampoco, supongo entonces ¿me perdonás?
En mi familia te queremos mucho y ojala podamos vernos de nuevo, gracias por todas las cosas buenas que hiciste en manantial y por ser nuestro amigo.
Hnita Nadal