Monday, April 21, 2008

18 Months Out

Well, Another week is already over. It is amazing how fast time goes by, I cant believe it sometimes..

To start off my letter, I just completed 18 months in my mission. I cant believe it! I am older than megann ever was! =)
I had a normal week, it went by fast. On Monday, we had interviews with president.. It was quick like always. But, I got permission to call home for Bens birthday. It was great to talk to my parents and family.

On Tuesday, we had Mission Conference. It was good. Pres and His wife talked, and I saw and talked with my kid, Elder Christensen, and with all my other friends. Mission conferences are always cool for that reason.
That evening we had a raving game of Teg, that is the argentine verison of Risk. After an intense game, it was just down to Elder Odell and I, and we called a draw. Elder Odell is from Mesa, and knows Elder Badwin well.

Wensday was a normal work day. We taught a ton of lessons this week, considering that we didnt work for the first 2 days of the week. We had 23 lessons.
Nothing noteworthy happened on Thursday either.
On Friday, we were pleased to FINALLY get our stove fixed and now can cook..... So I celebrated the evening making soup.... I also completed 18 months in the mission. Elder Weiner called me and we reminisced.

Saturday was yet another normal day. We taught quite a few first lessons this week, and got like 18 new investigadors. In particular, we are teaching a nice family. Their names are Antionio and Sara. They have a kid with some handicap like downs.
We also have been teaching another family, one of which will prolly get baptised this weekend, along with Mariah. So pray for us, and Lois, the kid we are trying to baptise.
Today monday, we already have gone out to lunch at a super nice cafe. And took our washing machine to get fixed.
Remember that I am always updating my photos, blog and website whenever I can.

I am doing well as always, Happy, well fed, and not burned hehe.
I hope you are all doing well too. Love you.

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Megann said...

Happy 18 months! You're a better missionary than I'll ever be. Glad you got your stove know how to make soup!?!?! J/K

Good luck with those baptisms!