Friday, June 20, 2008

June 20 08

Well today was a good day. This week I was transferred to a new area called Santa Rosa. Its in the middle of nowhere in northern Argentina, about an hour from Bolivia. But thats ok. Its like being back in Jujuy like last year.
My comp is named Elder Soriano, he is from Mendoza Argentina, my first Argentine comp. He is cool enough =)
My transfer was crazy. Well after a late night of packing, i was up early on Monday to catch my bus. I don't know how much you have heard about the blockades they are been doing on the highways, but our bus arrived 6 hours late. And whereas I had a 9 hour bus ride ahead of me, I wasnt very happy about it. But anyways, I got on my bus, and made it to oran at 2 in the morning. This morning, we had district meeting and then I met up with my new comp Elder David Soriano.
Our house is nice and dumpy =( My area is pretty bad. Its the poorest area I have ever had, worse even than Monterrico last year. But its ok, dont worry about me. =) I live about an hour from Oran, and its totally in the middle of nowhere. But from what I have done and who I have met so far, I like it. I´ll send pictures next week. Its crazy. I think thats about all in my area. Still no hot water heater, just a shower heater =(
But anyways, last week was good. Lucia was baptised by Elder Lawson and I confirmed her on sunday. Back in tucuman, they will be baptising a kid next week. I acutally wasnt going to be leaving Tucuman, but Pres changed transfers. So thats too bad. I really didnt want to leave yet, but I´ll go where the Lord wants me to be.
This week Pres Rubalcava is having a special last conference to say goodbye to us. He leaves next week. So we will be traveling on thursday back to jujuy for the conference. So that will be cool.
Elder Harris flew home today, I´ll miss him, but we´ll see each other in a month because he´s coming back in August. And we´ll be living together in december.
Well, everything is going well. This might be my last area. I´m not sure yet. I only have 2 more transfers ( and all of this one) left. So I could just stay here these 3 transfers and then go home. It depends on what Pres Northcut does.

So thats basically my week. Later.....


Megann said...

Congrats! I looked at your countdown clock today and noticed you're in the double digits!

Karli Rose said...

Hi Elder!! You're looking good there in Argentina. How fun to check out your blog and get caught up a bit now that you are seriously on the downhill stretch of the mission. (sorry, some of us are forever the "Richey Procrastinators!" We all miss you and know you are making great and wonderful memories for yourself and others! Hugs, Aunt Karli