Monday, September 15, 2008

Last Transfer 5 weeks to go....

Well I try not to count down the days, but either way, my time in Argentina is coming to a close. Its been a crazy week. Our shower and stove broke, followed by a waterline breaking in the front yard. But we got them fixed, so no harm done there. Other wise, I am doing well. I am happily enjoying my last weeks here, and working hard, and trying to baptize a few more people before I leave. I love you all, see you soon, Here are a few pictures I took this week.

Thats me eating these yummy little cookie like snacks called Alfajors.

Heres a picture of my comp Elder Hebdon, and the above ground sewer system... YUMMY!

My House

There is a huge banana field behind me.

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Megann said...

Hey, bring some cookies home for me ok? Wow, you live in a mansion! Your house is better than mine.
We keep a picture of you on our fridge and occasionally Lainey will point to it and say "Kyle". The other day I told her you were in Argentina. Lainey said, "Kyle. Tina." It was cute.