Monday, October 13, 2008

Last Week

Wow what a week. God really wanted to give me just a few more trials before going home. They weren't so much trials from investigators, but trials from the elements. IT WAS SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean, SO BAD. hehe ok, i said it. It was really just normal hot, but the thing is that Santa Rosa didnt have power all weekend. So we didnt have fans. And the thing about argentine houses is they dont have insulation. So if its hot outside, its hotter inside. and visa versa. It was just a long weekend. We survived. I am just glad that I only have to endure a week more of this heat. I really do feel bad for elder hebdon. I am gonna try to get a AC unit for him when i leave. We also had some fun times with ants, mosquitoes, and a scorpion ( Photos when i get home). But thats just the fun of the mission. So much patience that its almost funny.

Other than that, I spent my free time writing letters to all my friends here in Argentina, sending my ties to converts, making phone calls, and finishing off my journal. It was sorta hard to say goodbye to alot of people, and I´ll miss them, but if we just endure to the end, Í´ll see them again. Our last 2 weeks were normal, nothing really out of the ordinary. We helped some of the other elders move last pday, cleaned the church, went to a baptism of a 8year-old in our branch, knocked alot of doors, taught a couple good lessons, finished the New testament, made alot of visits to less actives and converts, and just worked!

I will miss being a missionary. It has been a great ride. It went by fast, even though some days I wished it was already over. Even though we are all missionaries in some sense, I will miss walking in the streets, talking with people, knocking doors, sleeping on the ground for months, the heat, the cold, the tears, the rejection, the thousands of first lessons, the discussions, the baptism interviews, the baptisms themselves, the converts, the friendships, the members, the lunches, the no-preparation talks in church, Gospel Principles class, my companions, my districts and zones, my Mission Presidents, the pdays, the district meetings, personal study time, comp study time, speaking Spanish, sweating all day, washing my clothes in a bucket, eating weird things, bus rides, my feet hurting, not having water (hot or cold), not having electricity for days, and moving to new states every 4 months. But most of all, I will miss the spirit of missionary work. The feelings and the promptings of who to talk to and what to say. I know if I live right, I´ll always have that, but it will still be different to some extent. I will miss the love of the members and my converts. They truly are the greatest reward of a mission. Becoming friends with so many people, sharing so much time with them, teaching them, listening to their testimonies, and watching them grow on their own. Its almost like having a child, I wouldnt know, but it might be a correct comparison. We go and find them, they read and pray for the first time in their life. They begin to take baby steps as they listen and go to church with us for the first time. They feel the truth and are baptized, sealing them to us forever. Then as we leave the area, we see them doing all these things by themselves. They teach themselves and their friends. They are happy. They have changed, and you can see it in their faces. You grow to love them so very much. The mission is truly an amazing thing. Well that pretty much sums it all up. I am happy to have finished. I will miss my mission, but its time to move on. I have my whole life in front of me now, and I cant wait to get started again. See you all soon!

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Megann said...

Wow! Your post made me want to go back to my mission...and brought a little tear to my eye.

You will never be forgotten by the people you baptized and by the branch members you served. I still remember the 1st and last door I ever knocked on as a missionary. It's an incredible feeling to have that spirit as a missionary. It will never go away, but it will never be the same either.

We love you! Libby can't wait to meet her uncle. And I'm sure Lainey will still pray for you, even when you're home.