Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Last day of summer school

Well its now the end of summer term. Its been a great summer, and school was ok.
I'm happy my classes are over, and I'm looking forward to the semester as well as life in general. The future looks bright and I'm excited for the changes that will happen over the next couple weeks. Anyways, I'll be brief on what I write. Here like always are some good pictures.

I went to Idaho with Meridith for libby's second birthday. Here we are about to leave

I love this pic, I love my nieces.

I love this pic, It looks like I'm jumping super high over this sign.

Me next to some river or something

This is a pic of Ben. I went to St. Johns a few weeks ago, and met with the whole family.

This is late comer picture from my zions trip. I had just rolled in the mud....

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Megann said...

I like that pic of Ben. What a weirdo!