Friday, December 4, 2009

Mission Thoughts

Christmas is 3 weeks away. I am happy to see it coming, but I hope that I make it through school.
The reason for my post today came to me last night at about 2am. When I went back home to Arizona last week for Thanksgiving, I brought my missionary journal back with me. I started flipping through the pages and began to read about the people I met there.

I began to feel so very blessed to have served a mission. It was more than just leaving home for two years and walking around a 3rd world country. It was more than knocking on peoples doors and asking to come in and share a message about Jesus Christ. It was more than the contacts in the street, or learning Spanish, or sleeping in bug infested apartments.

My mission changed who I am. For two whole years I dedicated my every waking breath to the building up of the church. I grew closer to my Savior. There were alot of hard times, but those really didn't matter. What mattered was my testimony of Jesus Christ.

Ive been home for over a year now, and even though I'm still a good kid, I've lost many of the good habits I worked so hard to develop while I was an Elder. I have some regrets, but I have a renewed determination to stay on the Lords side and to be who He wants me to be.
Like everyone, I have my own struggles and problems, but I know that I can overcome them if I just do what I'm supposed to.

I'm thankful for everyone who loves me and does so very much for me. I dont need to list you off by name, If you're reading this blog, then you are one of them. Thank you for all you do for me.


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Megann said...

There are days I miss my mission too. I miss the morning programs where you read scriptures and pray. The Spirit that missionaries have is something special. I miss that too.