Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Technology

I love my new job. For a month now I've worked at the OIT department on campus. I fix computers. I'm basically a member of the Geek squad like at Best Buy.

We get of all of the surplus of all the used technology on campus and they let employees check out or rent forever whatever they want. So this weekend I rented a 22inch wide screen for my desktop. I also got a new (to me) laptop. I also got a new mini-desktop computer that we hooked up to the big screen in the family room. So I got pretty hooked up. I'm really enjoying the laptop. I've used it for school alot already. I've had my itouch for a while, but this laptop is alot nicer because I can use it for typing at full speed.

School has been hard this week. I'm trying to keep up, but work + trying to have a social life is hard. At least I have a date for the weekend. Something to look forward to :D


Monday, January 11, 2010

I had a good weekend. Friday flew by. Although Fridays are my lightest work load school wise, I still have 5 hours at my job every friday morning. Every friday i go to a local hot dog shop called J-Dogs with my roomates. Its always a great time of the week. Its just one of those times when life seems to slow down and I can just enjoy a meal with my friends.

Friday evening was uneventful for me. I looked for some people to go see, but in the end, I decided I was tired and went to bed early. I mean, way early.. at about 10 pm, on a friday!

Anyways, I was up quite early on saturday. I enjoyed the morning alone, while everyone else slept in. I bought a new bike to make it easier and faster to get to work. I also went shooting with my roomate pete and friends. I shot an AK-47 for the first time, as well as an AR-15 again and an old school russian made WWII rifle.

I spent the evening with a good friend studying our respective textbooks. I never realized how fun studying with someone else would be. I think I actually learned more than if I was just reading alone.

I saw Invictus this weekend. It was a decent movie, however it was slow. It is always nice to see an orginal movie that is based on a real experience. I also saw The Blind Side on Thursday, which was a very good movie, promoting love and compassion.

Sunday was great like always. Many of my friends bore their testimonies, which I always appreciate. I spent the afternoon and evening playing monopoly, eating sloppy joes with friends at break the fast, watching the CES fireside, and simply relaxing and socializing.

Today I'm back at work. It will be a busy week, but next monday we have a holiday. Life is looking up again. Things are going good. I'm happy to be alive and where I am.


Saturday, January 9, 2010

First week of school over

What a week its been.
After my relaxing trip back to arizona, life had to jumpstart into full speed again. On monday classes started again, and on Tuesday I had a job interview. I got hired almost on the spot ( I am pretty awesome). I work on campus as a computer tech. Basically, I fix computers, repair hardware and install software. And once a week I go around campus to repair broken printers and restock paper and toner. I work every morning, monday to friday, 20 hours a week. Its a good job, and i'm happy to have it.

School looks like it wont be the worse semester ever. I have math, spanish, new testament, history and and Information tech class. Each class is important to helping me understand better what I'm trying to acomplish in college.

My job is on 'campus' but its still quite far from my apartment, according to google maps 1.7 miles. So today I'm gonna buy a bike, because my feet hurt from walking/scootering everyday.

I've decided for the second time, to quit playing warcraft. It's been a great time stink that I don't think will help me exceed in my goals, grades, job, new calling, or relationships. Hopefully that will last for awhile.

I'm thankful for the scriptures. My new testament class has me reading Acts to Revelations this semester. I am continually enriched by the power of the testimonies found in the Acts. They are great examples of how to act and 'what manner of men we ought to be.' I look forward to learning more about these special experiences.

Have a good week.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas 2009

Christmas was great.
After I finished finals on Decemeber 16, I stayed in Provo for several days. Most people were done with finals so it was a great time to relax and socialize. I made some new friends. The monday before Christmas, I drove home to Arizona.

I enjoyed my first days home alone. Meridith and kids came over and we played. Dad and I went shopping for a Christmas tree. I volunteered at the Arizona temple lights. For the second year now I was 'the light guy'. I patrolled around the temple and would fix any of the 250,000 lights around the grounds. It was going great till about an hour before closing. It had rained that day ( a rare sight for arizona outside of August) so alot of the lights were going on and off. I was trying to fix a couple strands at one entrance when I ended up knocking out somewhere around 25,000 lights. There was water all over the connections and it made my job much harder. Anyways, it was still a good night because singles ward from my parents stake was there, so I got to talk to some cute girls :D but that i'll never see again.

On Christmas Eve my other sister Megann and her family arrived. I love my nieces. We only see eachother a few times a year, so it takes most of our time together for them to warm back up to me. I did my best to play with Libby and after the whole week, she finally would play with me without crying. So that was a success. We all spend Christmas eve at Meridith's house acting out the nativity scene found in Luke 2. I was the narrator.

Christmas morning was magical. No really, it was great. It wasn't because of the gifts or the food, it was who I was with. My whole family was there to celebrate that day together. The kids loved the presents and I enjoying giving them as well as receiving some of my own. We enjoyed great meals prepared from my mom and sisters.

My trip home passed in a blur. I went to the single's ward in my home stake, and was amazed at the difference between that ward and a provo singles ward. Another highlight of my trip was spending time with my old friend Etai. He's married now, and spends most of his time, as he should, with his wife. But one day in particular, just him and I drove out to pick up his sister from the airport. It was like old times. We turned the music up way too loud. We talked and debated random topics of interest. We went out to breakfast and ate way to much. We annoyed his sister and got icee's at 7-11. For just one afternoon, it felt like we were kids again and i loved it.

I spent new years eve at home with my parents and Ben. We blew off some noise makers and toasted the new year. It was special just to be there with them. I came back to provo on January 1, 2010. Classes start tomorrow, and I have a new calling in the ward. I have good friends, both new and old. I'm happy and looking forward to whats next.