Saturday, January 9, 2010

First week of school over

What a week its been.
After my relaxing trip back to arizona, life had to jumpstart into full speed again. On monday classes started again, and on Tuesday I had a job interview. I got hired almost on the spot ( I am pretty awesome). I work on campus as a computer tech. Basically, I fix computers, repair hardware and install software. And once a week I go around campus to repair broken printers and restock paper and toner. I work every morning, monday to friday, 20 hours a week. Its a good job, and i'm happy to have it.

School looks like it wont be the worse semester ever. I have math, spanish, new testament, history and and Information tech class. Each class is important to helping me understand better what I'm trying to acomplish in college.

My job is on 'campus' but its still quite far from my apartment, according to google maps 1.7 miles. So today I'm gonna buy a bike, because my feet hurt from walking/scootering everyday.

I've decided for the second time, to quit playing warcraft. It's been a great time stink that I don't think will help me exceed in my goals, grades, job, new calling, or relationships. Hopefully that will last for awhile.

I'm thankful for the scriptures. My new testament class has me reading Acts to Revelations this semester. I am continually enriched by the power of the testimonies found in the Acts. They are great examples of how to act and 'what manner of men we ought to be.' I look forward to learning more about these special experiences.

Have a good week.

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Megann said...

Dustin asked what kind of bike you're looking to buy.
Your anti-warcraft goal sounds awesome. Mom and Dad would be proud!
It sounds like you have a great semester ahead of you. We'll let you know next time we're in town. Love ya.