Monday, January 11, 2010

I had a good weekend. Friday flew by. Although Fridays are my lightest work load school wise, I still have 5 hours at my job every friday morning. Every friday i go to a local hot dog shop called J-Dogs with my roomates. Its always a great time of the week. Its just one of those times when life seems to slow down and I can just enjoy a meal with my friends.

Friday evening was uneventful for me. I looked for some people to go see, but in the end, I decided I was tired and went to bed early. I mean, way early.. at about 10 pm, on a friday!

Anyways, I was up quite early on saturday. I enjoyed the morning alone, while everyone else slept in. I bought a new bike to make it easier and faster to get to work. I also went shooting with my roomate pete and friends. I shot an AK-47 for the first time, as well as an AR-15 again and an old school russian made WWII rifle.

I spent the evening with a good friend studying our respective textbooks. I never realized how fun studying with someone else would be. I think I actually learned more than if I was just reading alone.

I saw Invictus this weekend. It was a decent movie, however it was slow. It is always nice to see an orginal movie that is based on a real experience. I also saw The Blind Side on Thursday, which was a very good movie, promoting love and compassion.

Sunday was great like always. Many of my friends bore their testimonies, which I always appreciate. I spent the afternoon and evening playing monopoly, eating sloppy joes with friends at break the fast, watching the CES fireside, and simply relaxing and socializing.

Today I'm back at work. It will be a busy week, but next monday we have a holiday. Life is looking up again. Things are going good. I'm happy to be alive and where I am.



Megann said...

Going to bed at 10:00 on a Friday? That's like Dustin and me going to Walmart for "our date night". Sickening.

Meridith said...

HI KYLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!