Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Technology

I love my new job. For a month now I've worked at the OIT department on campus. I fix computers. I'm basically a member of the Geek squad like at Best Buy.

We get of all of the surplus of all the used technology on campus and they let employees check out or rent forever whatever they want. So this weekend I rented a 22inch wide screen for my desktop. I also got a new (to me) laptop. I also got a new mini-desktop computer that we hooked up to the big screen in the family room. So I got pretty hooked up. I'm really enjoying the laptop. I've used it for school alot already. I've had my itouch for a while, but this laptop is alot nicer because I can use it for typing at full speed.

School has been hard this week. I'm trying to keep up, but work + trying to have a social life is hard. At least I have a date for the weekend. Something to look forward to :D


1 comment:

Megann said...

I like laptops, and I don't know how you can type on itouch.

How was the date?