Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Yesterday I had a really special spiritual experience. I was at work, and some printers broke down at the MTC. Now I have been back to the MTC a few times since I've been home from my mission, but every time I was in the main building or in the TRC, and saw few missionaries.

I was sent to fix a printer on the 3rd floor of 18m, the main classroom building. It was the same floor where I learned Spanish for 2 months. Anyways, I fixed the printer, and I was thanked many times by each of the missionaries.

As I was leaving, an Elder from Tonga stopped me and began to do a contact with me. He could barely speak english. He introduced himself as a missionary for the LDS church and asked me if I had heard of the Book of Mormon. Now, I thought that I might pretend not to know about the book, but I looked the this new missionary of the church and he was trembling. This might have been his first contact he'd ever done. I decided to tell him the truth, that I have heard of the book, and in fact I know it to be true and the word of God. After I said this, the elder got very calm. He looked me in the eyes and bore his testimony of the truthfulness of the book. He told me in his broken english that he knew the book was the word of God.
A special familar feeling fell upon me and it was a special moment for me to remember many of the experiences I had as a missionary. The elder shook my hand and got a huge smile on his face.

Anyways, it made my day. I'm thankful I was a missionary, and I am glad that the work is still going on.

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Laura Anne said...

SO cool. thanks for posting. it made me smile.