Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Road of Life

In an effort to update my blog more, here are some of my thoughts for this week. Because of my homework load, I was unable to attend this weeks devotional on campus, but I was able to listen to parts of it while doing my work. A professor named Barbara Heise, one of the nursing teachers spoke about trials. She has experienced trials that seem beyond me. Her son David was born with Downs, and only lived 22 years before dying of leukemia. Her husband died a slow and painful death from a prolonged sickness. She didn't dwell on her problems. Instead she chose to explain how she has been able to overcome them, and continue with her life.
“You can choose to let your trials drive a wedge between you and your savior. Others faced with the same trial allow it to stretch them.”

I really liked her attitude. So many people choose to let their trials define them. Instead of accepting what has happened and tying to make things better, so many will decide to let this difficulty control their life. I understand that you can't just turn off your emotions and not feel a certain way, but this is the point I'm trying to get at.

We are on the earth to learn and to grow. The best way to do that is to experience the good and the bad and learn from it. Through my trials, I have learned to seek the Lord first, and to trust His advice. It is during those darkest of times that I have learned who I really am.
When we are working through our problems, it seems like we are alone and that God has abandoned us. I like to think of is like this. Its not God who is moving away from us, it is you and me moving away from Him.Instead of moving away from Him, we need to embrace Him during these times of difficulty. As we trust in the Lord and follow His divine help, any trial or problem can be solved. Most of the time it will take time to heal, but we never have to be alone. God is always there for us.

I know God lives and loves us. And even though my trials cause me pain and suffering, I am glad that I can learn from them as I put my trust in God and not in the flesh. I conclude with the closing remarks of Sister Heise: “Our choices define who we are. When Christ says to the poor in spirit, come unto me, it is because he knows the way out, he knows the way up."

He is the way up. Let us always strive to follow Him and His example is my prayer.


Laura Anne said...

If there was a "like" button, I would hit it. :) Great post kyle. Good attitude to take...I was also very impressed with her outlook and her talk. Very well done on her part right? :)

Megann said...

I loved devotionals at BYU-I. A lot of times, I'd be working at the Housing Office and have to listen to the speaker on the radio.
What an uplifting talk!! It seems that some people have too big a load of trials to handle, but then they become an example of positive attitude and strong faith to the rest of us. Inspiring!