Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Goblin Valley

This weekend my friends and I went to Goblin Valley. It's located about 3.5 hours south east of Provo. I got off of work around noon. Stacey and I went shopping to get everything ready for the trip. It was raining all afternoon in Provo as we got ready to leave.

We headed off to Goblin Valley about 6pm. Our campsite was perfect. It wasn't even a 'campsite' at all. We were totally by ourselves in the middle of the desert. The temperature was perfect. We all enjoyed sitting around the fire and talking. We all got to bed about 2am. It starting raining pretty hard about 3am, and one of the girl's tents filled with water. They had to spend the rest of the night in one of the cars.

Early the next morning, We drove to the STATE park. We had a great time exploring the valley, taking pictures, and spending time together. We found cool caves, huge hills, and lots of little nooks and crannies everywhere. The incoming rain kept the temperature at the perfect level and we very much enjoyed our hike.

When we got back to our cars around noon, it began to rain and hail super hard. We waited it out for a while, but it showed no sign of stopping. After a while, we headed over to another canyon and saw some ancient Indian writings. The storm caught up with us, so we decided to end the trip several hours early, and headed home.

It was a great trip, the best of the summer so far. The rain was a downer, but the company and the adventure made up for it. I love camping, and I love spending time with my best friends.

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Stacey London Richey said...

That was SO much fun! I'm glad you and Garrett set it up. :)