Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Best Stories

So I have 2 stories to share. The first is about us and the second I read in our BYU newspaper.

Plane Rides
Kyle and I were flying back to Provo from CA last Saturday on a pretty tiny plane (since we were flying from Burbank). Poor Kyle is always so squished in these planes, it's sad to watch. Anyway, we had walked past the first class rows back to our seats (row 12). As we were sitting there, one of the flight attendants (from outside) had seen us and walked up to our row and asked Kyle how we was doing. Kyle responded "'s an airplane, so about as good as I can, I guess." The guy asked us if we would like to move to the row right behind the first class rows because there was more leg room. So, naturally, we said yes. The best part about moving, though, was they weren't kidding when they said there was more leg room! I could sit in my chair with my legs straight out and I was STILL not able to touch the seat in front of me!!! It was AWESOME. Kyle said it was probably the best plane ride he'd ever been on. :)

News Story
I was reading our school newspaper and came across an interesting article. Apparently, there was a man who tried to smuggle 7 exotic snakes and 3 tortoises on a plane from Miami to Brazil in his pants! Now that's not something you hear every day...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Camping on the Beach :D

During our trip to CA, Kyle and I spent a night camping at Carpinteria State Beach. It was so much fun to take Kyle and share an experience I enjoyed while growing up with my family. The weather was SO beautiful. The sun was shining and the water was not super cold. (The water's always pretty cold because it's a beach, but I could stand in the water and be comfortable without my feet being numb.)
After setting up camp Wednesday afternoon, Kyle and I walked the 100ft from our campsite to get to the ocean. :)
This is our sand castle that we made. While making it, the front wall withstood a few waves. We were pretty impressed with our own craftsmanship. Hehe

The sunset that night was so beautiful. After roasting hot dogs, we walked back over to the beach to look at the horizon.

After spending a little time on the beach, we walked the 3 blocks over to Foster's Freeze. It was very tasty. Growing up, every year we went camping at Carpinteria with the extended London family. Part of our trip included walking over to Foster's Freeze for ice cream. Kyle agrees it is a tasty tradition. :)

The next day, Kyle and I walked down the beach while throwing a frisbee to see the tide pools. We saw a few crabs and anemones, but nothing else out of the ordinary. I taught Kyle how fun it is to stick your finger in an anemone and have it close up around your finger. It was pretty funny.

On our walk back from the tide pools, Kyle stepped in some gnarly globs of tar. One huge chunk got stuck in between his two baby toes. We used Pam to get it off. It worked super well. I'd never used Pam before, but we didn't have any vegetable oil (which is what I grew up using).

We had such a fun time camping. It was the first time we've ever gone camping just the two of us and Kyle's first time camping on the beach.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Temple Trip

My parents, Kyle, and I took Jeremy to go through the LA temple to receive his endowments. (He's going on a mission to St. Louis, Missouri, Spanish speaking and leaves this December. My mom thought it would be nice to have additional family members present rather than just my parents...that's why he went through this far ahead.) It was such a wonderful experience. It was new for us to progress from room to room during the session. It was fun for me to have a chance to attend a session in the temple I grew up doing baptisms in. :) We took some pictures before we went in of an angle Kyle and I didn't get the day we got married. :) It was a really special experience. I'm glad I had the opportunity to be there. :)
Maybe we'll try to photoshop us in our wedding outfits into one of these pictures.... :D
Cute :D
So proud of you, Jeremy! :D

Paradise Falls

On Monday, Kyle and I went on a hike in Thousand Oaks called Paradise Falls. We walked up and down and around a mountain that was covered in cactus, lizards, and blue dragonflies. We had a lot of fun. I had no idea there was a waterfall like this hiding in Thousand Oaks. :) I've lived in this area almost my entire life and have never gone on this hike.

We were relaxing on a fallen tree when suddenly, 2 ducks walked upstream in the shallows towards us. We sat really still watching them approach. They were pretty brave...Kyle could've leaned over and touched one. They walked under us and continued up the stream a little ways. At this point, Kyle and I decided to pack up our stuff and head back home. As we're sitting there, we hear this "Quack." I thought to myself "Man, that sounded pretty close..." So, I turned around and looked down...there was one of the ducks: looking up at us within arms reach. It was SO funny! Obviously, these ducks must be accustomed to getting food from the hikers...(This picture is awesome because the duck has red eye...He looks almost terrifying because of it.)

I looked up in the tree and saw a really cool spider web. It was kind of far away so I didn't get the best shot of it, but it was amazing. It's one of the circular ones and it is the entire size of the photograph. You can mainly see it on the right side of the picture, just how intricate it really was...I'm just glad neither of us walked through it. :)
After the hike, we went to The Habit for lunch and enjoyed delicious charbroiled burgers, delicious fries, and an amazing chocolate shake. :) I wish they had this place in Utah...It's absolutely amazing. (I didn't think to get a picture, though, because we were all nasty and sweaty from hiking. :))

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Our lives as of late

Kyle and I were so busy today, yet surprisingly, it was pretty relaxing. :) We were able to sleep in which was very much needed. Kyle then made his amazingly delicious butterscotch oatmeal. :) I started working on the laundry while Kyle mowed the lawn. We then washed both cars inside and out. Then we cleaned the house, went to Smith's for a few things, and had French bread pizzas for dinner. We then hung up our wedding pictures (finally!). :D I worked on my thesis a little bit and Kyle took a short nap. Then....(yep, there's more ;)) we waxed both of our cars and 30 seconds after we finished, it started pouring rain. Sigh. Oh well. :) Our house is clean and our cars are clean. :)

I am so excited because my hospital internship ends in only 5 more days! Yay! Kyle's math class is finally over, so he gets to relax from homework and school for 2 weeks.

We are headed to CA next Saturday for a week. It will be awesome to be able to relax on the beach and eat really yummy home cooked food (made by someone other than me ;)). Then, I get to start my school internship. :) SO excited for that.

Life is wonderful. My husband is wonderful.