Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Camping on the Beach :D

During our trip to CA, Kyle and I spent a night camping at Carpinteria State Beach. It was so much fun to take Kyle and share an experience I enjoyed while growing up with my family. The weather was SO beautiful. The sun was shining and the water was not super cold. (The water's always pretty cold because it's a beach, but I could stand in the water and be comfortable without my feet being numb.)
After setting up camp Wednesday afternoon, Kyle and I walked the 100ft from our campsite to get to the ocean. :)
This is our sand castle that we made. While making it, the front wall withstood a few waves. We were pretty impressed with our own craftsmanship. Hehe

The sunset that night was so beautiful. After roasting hot dogs, we walked back over to the beach to look at the horizon.

After spending a little time on the beach, we walked the 3 blocks over to Foster's Freeze. It was very tasty. Growing up, every year we went camping at Carpinteria with the extended London family. Part of our trip included walking over to Foster's Freeze for ice cream. Kyle agrees it is a tasty tradition. :)

The next day, Kyle and I walked down the beach while throwing a frisbee to see the tide pools. We saw a few crabs and anemones, but nothing else out of the ordinary. I taught Kyle how fun it is to stick your finger in an anemone and have it close up around your finger. It was pretty funny.

On our walk back from the tide pools, Kyle stepped in some gnarly globs of tar. One huge chunk got stuck in between his two baby toes. We used Pam to get it off. It worked super well. I'd never used Pam before, but we didn't have any vegetable oil (which is what I grew up using).

We had such a fun time camping. It was the first time we've ever gone camping just the two of us and Kyle's first time camping on the beach.


Megann said...

How fun to camp on the beach! I'll have to try that sometime. I like the pic of you and Kyle with the sunset in the background.

Stacey London Richey said...

The sunset picture was Kyle's idea. We were headed to Foster's and he's like "I want to go stand on the beach and watch the sun finish going down" :). I'm glad he did. I love those pictures too. As for camping on the beach...I highly recommend it. :)

Stacey London Richey said...
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