Saturday, August 13, 2011

Our lives as of late

Kyle and I were so busy today, yet surprisingly, it was pretty relaxing. :) We were able to sleep in which was very much needed. Kyle then made his amazingly delicious butterscotch oatmeal. :) I started working on the laundry while Kyle mowed the lawn. We then washed both cars inside and out. Then we cleaned the house, went to Smith's for a few things, and had French bread pizzas for dinner. We then hung up our wedding pictures (finally!). :D I worked on my thesis a little bit and Kyle took a short nap. Then....(yep, there's more ;)) we waxed both of our cars and 30 seconds after we finished, it started pouring rain. Sigh. Oh well. :) Our house is clean and our cars are clean. :)

I am so excited because my hospital internship ends in only 5 more days! Yay! Kyle's math class is finally over, so he gets to relax from homework and school for 2 weeks.

We are headed to CA next Saturday for a week. It will be awesome to be able to relax on the beach and eat really yummy home cooked food (made by someone other than me ;)). Then, I get to start my school internship. :) SO excited for that.

Life is wonderful. My husband is wonderful.

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Megann said...

So Kyle's introduced you to butterscotch oatmeal! I remember making that for Dustin years ago.
Enjoy your vacation in Cali! Glad you two get a much-deserved break.