Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Temple Trip

My parents, Kyle, and I took Jeremy to go through the LA temple to receive his endowments. (He's going on a mission to St. Louis, Missouri, Spanish speaking and leaves this December. My mom thought it would be nice to have additional family members present rather than just my parents...that's why he went through this far ahead.) It was such a wonderful experience. It was new for us to progress from room to room during the session. It was fun for me to have a chance to attend a session in the temple I grew up doing baptisms in. :) We took some pictures before we went in of an angle Kyle and I didn't get the day we got married. :) It was a really special experience. I'm glad I had the opportunity to be there. :)
Maybe we'll try to photoshop us in our wedding outfits into one of these pictures.... :D
Cute :D
So proud of you, Jeremy! :D

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Megann said...

Congratulations to Jeremy! I'm so glad you got to be there with your family. The temple is so special.