Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Week

Kyle and I shared our first Thanksgiving together as a married couple this year. Megann, Dustin, and the girls came down to Provo on Wednesday to spend Thanksgiving with us. Because of this, Kyle and I made our own Thanksgiving dinner. :D I prepared and cooked a turkey for the first time all by myself. ;) (Kyle did help me at times, but basically it was the first time I've prepared a bird without my mom standing there.) I also made homemade rolls by myself. :) Megann and Dustin made the mashed potatoes and set the table (which included folding the napkins in a really fancy way). The following is a picture of most of the spread. :) I had a little trouble trying to get all of the food to the table and hot at the same time. So...we had to zap a few things in the microwave. But everyone seemed to enjoy it, regardless. ;)

Kyle and I felt the Thanksgiving meal was successful. :) I included a picture of one of the 3 pumpkin pies we had. I was going to make the Libby's can recipe for pumpkin pie, however, I failed to notice that the recipe called for "Deep-dish" crusts instead of "regular"...Because of this, we had 2 very skinny pies and then Kyle and I ran to the store Wednesday night to find a deep dish pie crust for all the extra filling. The pies were all very tasty. :) Kyle and I both decided, though, that the pumpkin pie does, indeed, need to be in a deep dish pan...that one tasted better. :)

On Saturday, Kyle and I went over to Lowe's to pick out our first Christmas tree together! :D We chose a 5-6 foot tree...which next to Kyle doesn't look very tall. ;) We enjoyed decorating it with the 2 packs of 40 ornaments (they are little silver and red balls) and 2 strands of lights as well as Kyle's Star Trek ornament (that big gray thing near the top) and one other cute ornament I had purchased at the store earlier that week. We still do not have an angel to top the tree...We'll see if we are able to find one we like before the Christmas season is over. ;)

We put the garland around the doorway a few steps into the room. I think it looks great in that spot. :)

Our house looks very festive and smells SO good! I LOVE the smell of the Christmas tree! :D Thanks so much, babe, for letting us get a real tree instead of a fake one.

P.S. This is from Kyle. I thought I would add some pictures I took as well:

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Megann said...

We were so happy the spend the holiday with you! The food was fabulous!!! Thanks for hosting us. Everything was perfect.