Monday, February 20, 2012

Valentine's Day

This year was our first Valentine's Day as a married couple, so that was really special. I made Kyle some conversation heart sugar cookies as part of his gift. :) Another part of our gifts to each other included half a pound box of See's candy. Every year for Christmas, my grandma gives me a See's candy gift certificate for a pound box of candy. So, Kyle and I used it together and each picked out our own half pound box. I really enjoy going with him and picking it out together. I did have to hide it from him, though, so he wouldn't eat it until Valentine's Day. ;)

Because Valentine's Day was on a school night, Kyle and I decided to go out to dinner the Friday before. We used one of our Christmas gift cards and went to California Pizza Kitchen. Out of all the many restaurants we've been to since we started dating, this is one we have never been to together. We went right after Kyle got home from school, so we were able to beat the dinner rush and enjoy ourselves. :) After CPK, we went to Costco and Kyle and I picked out some tulips. It was funny because right after he handed them to me, said "Happy Valentine's Day" and kissed me on the cheek, a bunch of older ladies that were standing by the flowers started laughing and said "That was easy!" :) I thought it was great. I love tulips and I got to pick out the color I wanted.

Sounds almost like we did everything for Valentine's Day before Valentine's Day, doesn't it? Well, we basically did. ;) But Kyle and I each bought each other a card. I got him the one on the right and he gave me the one on the left. I thought it was cute because he coordinated his card to match. His card said "Since it's Valentine's Day, mind if I borrow a hug? I'll give one right back." :) It was a cute card.

For dinner on Valentine's Day, we decided to do what we did last year...which was go to Panda Express. :) Last year for Valentine's Day, we went to Panda Express and then went to the picnic spot near where Kyle proposed and enjoyed dinner there. It was way too cold and too late by the time we got dinner to do that again, so we bought it and enjoyed it in our nice warm home. Thanks for making my Valentine's Day so wonderful, sweetheart! :D I love you!

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Nyall and Jennifer said...

You guys are the cutest "newlyweds." I love how you and Kyle treat each other. Always keep that up! I love the conversation heart cookies. So cute!