Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kyle's Birthday

So, I told Kyle he had to write about his birthday, but he said he didn't want to since we didn't have any pictures to post...oops. ;)

On Kyle's birthday, we were planning to go to JCW's with Stan and Taran so I made his cake the night before so we could enjoy it. As I brought out the cake to sing to him, it hit me that I didn't have any halfway through the song I lit a match for him to blow out. :) We inhaled the cake within 3 days. For Kyle's birthday, I surprised him by writing "Happy Birthday, I love you!" in whiteboard marker on the mirror in the bathroom. I also pulled out a poem that my mom used to do for us on our birthdays in the shape of a bear that wished you a "Beary Happy Birthday" for each gummy cinnamon bear you found. I knew Kyle didn't really like cinnamon bears, so I bought starburst, taped 2 together and put a bear sticker on them. He found all 25 of them in about 10 minutes...instead of finding them throughout the day... ;) It was really cute to watch him run around tearing the house apart. He opened his presents (which weren't super exciting)...2 included disposable crock pot bags (so he doesn't have to wash the crock pot haha) and a huge mug (which he loves). He also got a few other things. We spent time together all day. The weather outside was absolutely beautiful so we went on a walk. Love you so much, hun! :D

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Alison Lee said...

Stacey, I found it! Happy Birthday Kyle!